12 Essential environmental films and podcasts

If you really do get out what you put in, make sure you are feeding your brain the right stuff to make good environmental choices. Wading through reports is one way to get information, but watching the ideas come to life in story form can make many of the concepts easier to grasp and more relatable. So if you need to consume something, make sure … Continue reading 12 Essential environmental films and podcasts

Climate emergency is Oxford word of the year 2019

Climate Emergency is 2019 Oxford Dictionary word of the year

The 2019 Oxford Word of the Year is CLIMATE EMERGENCY. Climate emergency is defined as: a situation in which urgent action is required to reduce or halt climate change and avoid potentially irreversible environmental damage resulting from it, says Oxford Dictionary. The Oxford Word of the Year is a word or expression that is said to show, through usage evidence, a reflection of the ethos, mood, … Continue reading Climate Emergency is 2019 Oxford Dictionary word of the year

#ClimateStrike the South African way

Thousands of South Africans took to the streets on Friday September 20, 2019 as part of the global climate strikes, which took place across 150 countries and saw over four-million people worldwide calling for climate action. Organised by the African Climate Alliance (ACA) in Cape Town, the organisation led a march to the Parliament of South Africa, where they handed over a memorandum for the … Continue reading #ClimateStrike the South African way

Protect the planet

Overcoming eco-anxiety

That hopeless feeling of despair you sometimes get just thinking about the extent of change that is required to save us from environmental ruin, and how little seems to be happening to improve all life on the planet… It’s a thing. The overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start to make the biggest or best difference, or feeling like your small individual actions won’t … Continue reading Overcoming eco-anxiety

Land reform opportunities must boost climate resilience – WWF

People’s relationship with the land is front and centre in South Africa, and when debating the issue locally, the additional stress that climate change places on land – increasing degradation, biodiversity loss, and food insecurity – cannot be ignored. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Special Report on Climate Change and Land, was recently released and explores the relationship between climate, people and land … Continue reading Land reform opportunities must boost climate resilience – WWF

SAPOA Overall Green Award goes to 78 Corlett

78 Corlett drive, the Net Zero Energy and 6-Star Green Star SA-rated building in Johannesburg, has scooped the prestigious Overall Green Award at the 2019 South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) Awards. Designed by Daffonchio & Associates Architects for property developer Legaro Properties, the sustainability consultants on the project were Solid Green Consulting. With green building moving into the mainstream (proven by the more mainstream … Continue reading SAPOA Overall Green Award goes to 78 Corlett

Ten Questions with Manfred Braune

Manfred Braune has recently started an exciting new journey as the director of environmental sustainability at the University of Cape Town. He was part of the team that achieved the first four certified green buildings in South Africa at the very start of the country’s official green building journey, and followed this by joining the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA), where he played … Continue reading Ten Questions with Manfred Braune

WATCH: Recycling superstars recognised

Fourteen plastic recycling champions across 11 competition categories were announced at the 2019 PETCO Awards, which celebrate people and organisations making strides in sustainability at grassroots level in South Africa. The national plastic industry body’s PET Recycling Company (PETCO) paid tribute to the efforts of the companies and individuals making a difference to the South African environment through their wide-ranging initiatives related to plastic recycling. … Continue reading WATCH: Recycling superstars recognised

Treasury to investigate single-use plastics tax

In the 2019 Budget, National Treasury stated that “government will investigate a tax on single-use plastics including straws, caps, beverage cups and lids, and containers to curb their use and encourage recycling.” This will come as part of the draft Environmental Fiscal Reform Policy Paper, which National Treasury says it will publish this year. This paper will outline options to reform existing environmental taxes to … Continue reading Treasury to investigate single-use plastics tax

SA’s first Green Star Sustainable Precincts rating awarded

South Africa’s first Green Star Sustainable Precincts rating has been achieved by the team from consultancy Terramanzi and property owner and developer Garden Cities.  The project achieving this significant milestone is the Northridge Coastal Estate, which is phase 13A of Garden Cities’ Sunningdale development, bordering the Blouberg conservation area near Cape Town. Design of this ‘eco-village’ portion of the development started in 2014, and bulk infrastructure … Continue reading SA’s first Green Star Sustainable Precincts rating awarded