SAPOA Overall Green Award goes to 78 Corlett

78 Corlett drive, the Net Zero Energy and 6-Star Green Star SA-rated building in Johannesburg, has scooped the prestigious Overall Green Award at the 2019 South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) Awards.

Designed by Daffonchio & Associates Architects for property developer Legaro Properties, the sustainability consultants on the project were Solid Green Consulting.

With green building moving into the mainstream (proven by the more mainstream award winners with green credentials), new buildings need to go a substantial extra mile to make truly extraordinary achievements. 78 Corlett has proven that it is a remarkable achievement. Striving for both Net Zero (meaning that the building produces more energy than it consumes by being extremely energy efficient and using renewable energy) and 6-Star Green Star SA is tough.

The new multi-tenant office space in Johannesburg comprises an upper ground floor with a mix of cellular offices, co-working spaces and social and formal meeting spaces, centred around a coffee bar within a naturally lit, triple volume atrium. The first floor is home to more co-working spaces and larger formal offices for a variety of clients.

The fascinating facade of the building is the first impression that serves a strong green purpose. The shading louvres act as a dynamic facade element and passive shading device. They allow natural light to enter the building, without the associated heat and glare, which have a negative impact on working environments.

The project was awarded a Net Zero Carbon (Pilot) Level 1 Certification in late November 2017, and a 6-star Green Star Office V1.1 Design certification in 2018.

It also won the Highest Rated Building category at the Green Building Council SA’s (GBCSA) 2018 Green Building Council Leadership Awards.

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