Meet our GBCSA convention ticket winner

Charmaine Schoultz worked hard on the Open Source Green Forum competition to win a ticket to the Green Building Council SA’s (GBCSA) green building convention in Cape Town in October 2018. Working in the renewable energy industry, her company CSC Energy, assists municipalities, companies and residents to reduce their carbon footprint, become more sustainable, and save money through solar energy and energy management.

We asked Charmaine a few questions to get her thoughts after attending the convention.

Winner of the Open Source Green Forum competition Charmaine Schoultz, who won a ticket to the GBCSA’s green building convention in Cape Town.
  1. You worked really hard to win the competition – why was it so important to you to get that opportunity to attend the GBCSA’s green building convention?

It was very important for me to be at the conference to gain insights into the latest trends in mitigating climate change, implementing sustainable solutions, and to understand the worldwide trend of net zero carbon for cities.

2. What were your general thoughts on the conference?

The conference is a not to be missed sustainability event.

3. What was your highlight of the conference?

The conference in its entirety was a highlight. The knowledge, insights and actions taken worldwide in sustainability is remarkable. Globally there is a massive movement of doing everything we can as humans to preserve our planet as well as prevent further damage.

My absolute highlights were:

  • C40 Cities Race to Zero – The massive efforts cities worldwide, including Tshwane, Johannesburg and Cape Town through the C40 cities leadership programme, is remarkable. These cities will ensure that all new buildings by 2050 are Net Zero Carbon.
  • The Race towards Zero Waste in South Africa.
  • How climate change may be Reversed and why it matters – Paul Hawken was amazing and has ingenious ideas of how climate change may be changed. We all know why it matters – for future generations and the preservation of our planet. It is our responsibility to take action. Paul Hawken’s Drawdown plan is the most comprehensive, practical plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.
  • Urban Planning for SA.

4. What has attending the convention meant for you personally and for your business?

Personally being in the same rooms with remarkable individuals that are as passionate about our planet and what needs to be done in all areas, was very satisfying and an honour to listen to their talks.

Business wise, I will use and implement this knowledge with my clients. As well as pass on the lessons to anyone interested in gaining knowledge and insights into sustainability and preserving our stunning planet.

5. Any other thoughts or comments you would like to share?

The conference and exhibition overall were superb. The amazing networking and meeting likeminded individuals was priceless.

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