Rooftop solar for Roman’s Pizza head office

On a mission to decrease its carbon and environmental footprint, Roman’s Pizza recently installed a 137 kWp grid-tied solar PV plant at the company’s head office in Centurion.

Installed by renewable energy provider New Southern Energy (NSE), the return on the solar investment is expected to be achieved within six years. The new Roman’s Pizza head office building was commissioned in March 2018, whereafter a month of metering was conducted by NSE to determine the correct sizing and design of the solar system.

The solar plant is one of several actions Roman’s Pizza is implementing to become a greener enterprise. The pizza provider has also taken decisions to eliminate plastic straws and has changed all light bulbs to LED’s for energy efficiency.

Roman’s Pizza head of business development and franchising, Nicolas Christodoulou, says “the tender was awarded to NSE because of the honesty, thoroughness and reasonable pricing, our meetings with Deepak and Nikos left us with a feeling of reassurance and confidence in the plant and more so with NSE.”

“My biggest commendation will have to be to NSE’s project team. From the moment the contract was awarded the entire process was not only thorough but strategically planned and implemented. From the delivery of the materials to the onsite safety and supervision to completion ahead of schedule as well as the cleanliness after completion to the final sign off, service was superb,” added Christodoulou.

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