Welcome to Open Source Green

We seek to share information, connect the dots and create a space where a community can collectively drive sustainability in South Africa.

We often get caught up in the policy, snags and challenges [these are important and we will highlight these], but there is progress! Right now, amazing stuff is happening. There is knowledge being generated and lessons to learn and share from people and projects big and small – the ones deemed successful and even those which struggle.

Open Source Green News will shine the spotlight on those projects and people who are working in green industries and pushing towards a different way of living.

The more we showcase and talk about what is happening, the more networks are created and people matched with experienced individuals who can give insight and build on ideas. Collaboration generates growth and improvements.

The Open Source Green Forum is a place to brainstorm. A place for professionals working in sustainability-related fields to ask for help. A place to give advice. A neutral ground where people can work together to highlight and realistically overcome the challenges faced by those working in the industry.

To green the mainstream, we need critical mass. This is the place where professionals working in green industries figure out how we get to that tipping point. When all buildings are green buildings, all energy is renewable, alternative transport prevails, water is treasured, nothing is wasted and wellbeing is prioritised.

We value:

  • Open access to information that can solve problems
  • Abundance mentality
  • Progress, not perfection

Join the forum and start contributing. Sign up for our monthly email newsletter for news from the community that values sustainability progress.

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